Was Bill Gates banned from Twitter after the Elon Musk deal?

Many on Twitter have asked the question: Did Elon Musk ban Bill Gates from Twitter after buying the platform?

Since the owner of Tesla struck a deal to become the new head of the social media company, a number of hoaxes have been circulating on the Internet.

Elon’s clever tweets have added more fuel to these rumours. But, you shouldn’t fall in love with the Bill Gates suspension issue, because it simply isn’t true.

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Viral post claims Bill Gates is banned from Twitter

Shortly after Elon announced that he had acquired Twitter, a screenshot of a tweet claiming the comment of American businessman Bill Gates went viral.

The image in question shows all the details from Bell’s verified Twitter account, including his profile picture and description. Underneath, it reads: “Sharing the things I learn through foundation work and other interests.”

The lower half of the image has a message: “Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules”

This was shared on April 27, the day Elon announced his Twitter purchase.

The billionaire did not stop

Although many have come to believe the hoax about Bell’s comment, this is not true.

for him official account Still active with tweets as of the last 9 hours, at the time of writing.

The Microsoft founder also shared a tweet on April 27 about one of his TED Talks.

If he gets banned, as the hoax claims, none of his tweets will appear, and he won’t be allowed to post anything new.

In addition to, A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to Reuters That Bell was not suspended from the podium.

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Rumors escalate after the $44 billion deal

If you fall in love with the above speculations, you should know that there are plenty of similar things out there.

One wild rumor falsely claimed that Elon Musk would buy Facebook and then delete it, while another said he had already bought Eminem’s Shady Records label.

The Tesla owner cleverly distanced himself from buying McDonald’s, but angered fans with a tweet about buying Coca-Cola and returning cocaine to it.

In other news, what is the value of Coca-Cola? Can Elon Musk afford to buy it?

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