Why did Justin Ross go without an industry?

This is why former Clemson footballer Justin Ross did not coordinate during the 2022 NFL Draft.

It was once thought to be a first-round lock, except that former Clemson soccer star Justin Ross wasn’t made it.

Ross played a big role in the Tigers’ last National Championship victory in 2018. Had he been eligible to enlist in 2020, there is no doubt about it, he would have been selected in the first round. However, Ross ran out of time to hear his name in the 2022 NFL Draft. An amazing playmaker from an amazing program, but people are wondering why Ross wasn’t able to make his own day.

The biggest reason why Ross dropped out of the draft process was He underwent spinal surgery two summers ago. His spinal condition was thought to have ended his career, but Ross returned to the college field in 2021 after missing the entire 2020 campaign.

Justin Ross goes without wording: Why the Clemson Tigers wide receiver wasn’t chosen

While he should have known that was possible, it was absolutely distasteful for a player as talented as Ross who was dropping out of high school. Of all the former Clemson star receivers, Ross was on his way to being the most talented to touch Howard Rock. While his football career may not quite end as he could sign someone as an uncredited free agent, the drugs aren’t quite as good.

Ultimately, Ross will go down as one of the biggest reasons why the NIL is so important in college sports. His best winning days as a footballer are in the rearview mirror. The shame in all of it is that he won’t be able to take advantage of it. As many athletes turn professional in something other than sports, Ross is poised to become the Clemson version of South Carolina legend Marcus Lattimore.

Ross will now have to struggle to make the NFL roster at this point in football’s fading career.

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