WWE’s Ricochet beats Shankey to continue an impressive winning streak for the Intercontinental Champion in a SmackDown

Tonight’s SmackDown featured a battle for the Intercontinental Championship between champion Ricochet and Shanky, and Shanky looked to dominate early on. He used his size and strength to hit Ricochet with the mat and hit him with his back elbow, but Ricochet was kicked out of the pin attempt. Ricochet bought himself some space with a head kick but Shanky picked him up off the rope and threw him to the other side of the ring. He followed with a punch to the head, but Ricochet hit Springboard Cross in a pin but kicked out.

Ricochet climbed to the top of the rope but as the referee got distracted, Jinder Mahal pulled his leg from under him, causing him to land on the top of the winch. Then Shanky went to raise it and put it on his shoulders, but Ricochet escaped and fell to the ground. Then he got close to Shanky’s feet and twisted it, that was enough to pin and win.

After the match, Jinder got annoyed with Shanky, chewed it but Shanky was enough, yelled at Mahal and gave him a stare before exiting the ring. It seems like these two things may not be on the same page, and this partnership may be on their end. We’ll have to wait and see, but things are shaky at the moment.

As for Ricochet, this is an impressive latest Intercontinental Champion win, and he has racked up a string of victories so far in 2022. Who’s next is yet to be seen, as Sami Zayn, Jinder Mahal, Shanky and Humberto have already been ousted Carrillo and Angel Garza.

Who do you want to see him face next? Tell us in the comments or as always you can talk about all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!


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