Amazon Echo Show 15 and Echo Show 8 hit lowest prices ever

Amazon makes some of the best smart speakers and smart displays that money can buy. And the best time to buy is when there’s a bargain, something Amazon isn’t ashamed of. Now is one of those times and it’s good because Amazon lowered the price of the Echo Show 15 and Echo Show 8 to All-time lowest. The next opportunity to score a deal like this will likely be Prime Day, scheduled for sometime in July.

Normally you’d pay $250 for an Echo Show 15 and $130 for an Echo Show 8. But with a 31% discount, you’re paying much less than that now.

    Amazon’s largest smart display to date, the Echo Show 15 is just as good for family planning as your smart home.

The Echo Show 15 is Amazon’s largest display to date at 15 inches. You can use it vertically or horizontally, or even mount it on the wall. With the added size, it turns into a digital notepad for your entire family, or a great dashboard for your smart home. This added real estate allows you to access Alexa-enabled widgets, such as sticky notes, reminders, and to-do lists. It’s also not a bad little 1080p media device. Put it in the kitchen and let the little ones enjoy Prime Video while preparing dinner. Alexa is also great for recipes, and with a built-in 5MP camera, you can also take a Zoom call with the Echo Show 15.

The Echo Show 15 is currently available at a 20% discount, priced at $200.

    The Echo Show 8 is the perfect smart display for any room with a big screen, built-in video calling, and all the power of the Alexa ecosystem.

The Echo Show 8 is more compact and easier to use in any room of the house. It doesn’t have quite the same features as the Echo Show 15, but it’s powerful in its own right. The screen may be smaller but you can still enjoy and claim video content, as well as any other Alexa skill that has video capabilities. Do you want to see who’s at the door? No problem. Launched a recipe for dinner? defy.

Even better, with a 31% discount cutting it down to just $90, there’s really never been a better time to buy one.

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