Stimulus checks: These states provide money from May 2022

meIn order to help families deal with tIt’s the problems presented by the economy in the face of height Cost of living, inflation and commodity pricesIn addition to some basic services, state governments release their own stimulus checks or related benefits to taxpayers.

The initiative also provides tax breaks, gas discounts, and more.

Money in safes

The point is that during a pandemic, The federal government has allocated billions of dollars to the states And to some extent there is a bunch of funds that are not used.

Therefore, each entity will support the population differently.

Here are some of the support strategies that will be implemented in some states.

state support

California: A potential gas tax deduction of up to $400 per vehicle for up to two vehicles is under consideration.

Georgia: A tax break of $250 for single applicants, $375 for home registry owners, and $500 for filing married couples together can be implemented.

Hawaii: A potential tax relief for all Hawaiian taxpayers is under discussion; $300 if you earn less than $100, and $100 if you earn more than $100.

Idaho: There is a possibility of a tax deduction by direct deposit or paper stimulus check; The largest $75 or 12% in Idaho taxes for 2020.

Indiana: A one-time $125 tax refund can take effect.

KS: A reduction or abolition of the state purchase tax is under discussion.

Kentucky: A one-time incentive discount, up to $500 per state resident and $1,000 per household, is being discussed.

who: Direct payments can be initiated with a $850 stimulus check.

New Jersey: A potential tax deduction of up to $250 for renters and an average of $700 for homeowners is discussed.

New MexicoA one-time tax credit of $250 for unmarried applicants and $500 for joint filing of marriage, plus a refundable child tax credit of up to $175 per child, is planned effective January 1, 2023.

New York: The property tax deduction can be implemented for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023; Averaged $425 in New York and $970 outside of town.

PennsylvaniaStudy the possibility of reducing the government tax on gas by 30%.

VirginiaUnder consideration: Reducing or eliminating the state food tax altogether and/or suspending the state gas tax of $0.262 per gallon for one year.


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