Tom Hiddleston cleverly conjures up Andrew Garfield as he addresses Doctor Strange 2 and Thor: Rumors of Love and Thunder

Tom Hiddleston has been a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe family for over a decade now, and his role in the huge franchise seems to be only expanding. After playing Loki in the first three ox Movies, the actor appeared in them Avengers: Infinity War Before taking center stage in a single-player series centered on the multiverse (streamable with a Disney + . subscription). Naturally, fans are now wondering if he’ll attend Dr. Gharib 2 And Thor: love and thunder. Hiddleston took up the rumors, and while doing so, he humorously teased fellow Marvel alum Andrew Garfield.

Because there is a formidable Loki inside ox Over the years, it would make sense for a god of mischief to appear to Tom Hiddleton in him love and thunder somehow. and since then loki Main writer Michael Waldron’s books Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness And He influenced the movie with his personal touchHiddleston’s character could appear there, too. The actor himself remained shy on both possibilities when asked by the sister site, movie total. However, he brazenly promised not to try to take a page out of Andrew Garfield’s playbook:

I live in a question mark. Everything is unknown. You know, I used to think I could predict these things, but I literally have no idea. And I don’t even do Andrew Garfield! I just do not know.

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