Wendy’s Breaking Bad history explored after the return of Better Call Saul

Yes, you are not alone. I’ve totally seen it before.

Over the years, Better Call Saul has evolved into something much more than just a Breaking Bad show, introducing exceptional new characters. In fact, it can be said that you can watch and appreciate the series without even seeing its predecessor.

While this is proof that the series is making a legacy of its own, Breaking Bad fans will be rewarded with the ability to spot the return of some familiar faces.

There are some main players from the original that appear in the singles show, while there are some smaller characters that also appear, the last one being Wendy.

So, let’s take a look at Wendy’s Better Call Saul cameo and why you’ll recognize her.

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Wendy arrives at Better Call Saul

Audiences were first introduced to Wendy in Breaking Bad. She is a prostitute and a methamphetamine addict who shares a number of scenes with Jesse.

In Better Call Saul, on the other hand, she is reintroduced to fans when Saul and Kim ask for her help with a plan to insult Howard. They actually tried to make him look like a cocaine addict.

But this time, the plan sees Saul dressed as Howard, drive Howard’s car and drive Wendy out of her while she screams that the driver owes her her services.

She later meets Kim with Pay, saying that she will be there for Wendy in case she needs a lawyer.

Now, let’s think about its broken history…

Journey down memory lane with Breaking Bad

Julia Minsky Filming of Wendy began in the first season of the show. Hank Walt, Jr. is driven to a Crossroads motel after he was suspected of smoking marijuana. He hopes that talking to Wendy about the effects of drug use will deter his nephew.

She is later seen hooking up with Jesse in one of the motel rooms.

Fast forward to season two and we’re reunited with her after Jesse and Walter escape Tuco’s clutches.

Jesse needs an alibi for his whereabouts so he pays Wendy to pretend he was with her. The DEA brought her in but insists they spent a series of days in the motel, subsisting on food from vending machines.

She recognizes Hank from her previous meeting with him and says nothing, but Jesse again asks for her help to deliver poisoned burgers to some of the rival drug dealers in Season 3.

Ozark | Season 4 Part 2 Official Trailer | Netflix



Ozark | Season 4 Part 2 Official Trailer | Netflix






Fans have a theory

A number of viewers have reacted to Wendy’s recent comeback on Twitter, with some arguing that Kim’s absence in Breaking Bad when officials picked up Wendy may indicate the worst.

Check out a selection of the reactions:

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