The Hawk and the star Winter Soldier are said to be looking at the role of MonsterVerse

Godzilla and the Titans from Legendary’s MonsterVerse are set to return in a giant Apple TV+ series, and it looks like this kaiju universe’s comeback may have found its star. Now the US agent of Falcon and Disney+’s Winter Soldier, Wyatt Russel may be the star of the next MonsterVerse project, and another Russel family may join them when the giant monsters return to the small screen.

What’s even more surprising about this rumor hinting at a casting of Wyatt Russell for a role in MonsterVerse is that the same rumor from the Illuminerdi outlet is also starting to rattle that Wyatt’s father, legendary actor Kurt Russell, is also being targeted by the cast. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Kurt Russell had faced monsters with his role as McReady in John Carpenter’s The Thing that remains legendary to this day. With the MonsterVerse TV series also appearing under the Monarch title, it will be interesting to see if the Russel family will actually play a role or if someone else will lead the charge in the war against kaiju.

While this Apple TV+ series may be MonsterVerse’s next big chapter from Legendary Pictures, that doesn’t mean Godzilla, Kong and his friends will permanently leave the silver screen, with reports also coming to the network that a new movie is currently in the works. You will complete the story of the Titans. While a title for this potential box office has yet to be confirmed, a rumored title on “Son of Kong” hinted at the idea that a new generation of giant monsters might arrive on Earth after the massive conflict between the King of The Lizards and the ruler of Skull Island. Godzilla Vs Manager. Kong, Adam Wingard, has also been rumored to return to MonsterVerse.

In Japan, the future of Godzilla is up in the air, as no new cinematic productions have been revealed after the recent introduction of the King of Monsters of the East, Shin Godzilla, although the Shin world it might build for a crossover will surely give the fight between Kong and Godzilla a run for its money.

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