Power Rangers Star Tracy Lynn Cruz Joins LVL 2 Gaming Free Comic Book Event

This Saturday is a big day for comic book fans, as fans around the world celebrate Free Comic Book Day. Free Comic Book Day is the perfect opportunity for old readers to get some free books and some great deals at your local comic store, but it’s also a great place for new readers to discover the topic of comics. However, if you’re near LVL 2 Gaming, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet Power Rangers In Space star Tracy Lynn Cruz, who will meet fans, take photos and sign autographs during the Free Comic Book Day festivities, and learn more. About the event here!

During the day, those headed to LVL 2 Gaming will also be able to take part in the cosplay competition and raffle, and there will also be signed sports memorabilia from the South Texas Collector’s Expo. Food and drinks will also be available, so if you’re in the area be sure to stop by and check everything out!

(Photo: Tracy Lynn Cruz)

Cruz was part of the fan favorite Power Rangers In Space season and played with Yellow Ranger Ashley Hammond. In a previous interview, we talked all about the possibility of In Space Reunion, something fans definitely love to see, and she feels the same way. “I would definitely be willing to be reunited in space,” Cruz said. “I think we’ve all had great chemistry together. We see each other during these conferences and it’s just like you’re saying kind of nostalgic. I totally would, I mean, anywhere else you get a chance to be able to do what you love. You You know how many people can say that? That was our first podium, and in honor of that and coming back to it is rewarding, it’s nice.”

As for the reunion itself, she has some ideas of what it will be like for fans to catch up with these characters and would like to see what they do 20 years after the events of the show.

“I think the interesting thing is to be able to pick up the talk and say, 20 years later. Oh my gosh,” Cruz said with a laugh. “It’s time later, let’s do that, and wherever we are as adults. Power Rangers as adults and being able to have those secret moments where we meet each other at the mall or whatever we’re doing and say ‘Hey, do you remember that time?'” Kind of do this and re-establish the connection. I think that would be fun where they are now but for In Space. I think that would be cool because obviously we’re not going to pick up where we left off and be like, “Okay, it’s only been a year,” you know. This will not work. But I would like to see 20 years from now and continue from there. Like Andrews and Ashley. Did they get married? Did they get married? They have children? “

Let us know what you think of the space reunion idea in the comments, and as always you can talk about all things Power Rangers with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!


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