Skyrim theory is spreading fast 10 years after its release

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim It is a mysterious game with many unsolved mysteries to this day, but no greater than the reason for the stupidity of the guards. This is a puzzle that has plagued gamers for many years. Ten to eleven to be somewhat precise. Sleepless nights contemplating this puzzle are a thing of the past. Finished on “Games” reddit Page, a fan of the game still playing in 2022 – like many of us – finally put it together and in the process went viral on Reddit and garnered nearly every bonus you can earn.

According to the theory, it’s all about survival. If you come across a Dragonborn, who in the blink of an eye can kill the entire city, will you do your job hard or pretend like it was the wind? Some may even live up to the call of duty, and for that, they will be set on fire and trampled by Lydia.

It took me years to play Skyrim To understand why they say “there must be the wind”. “You read the beginning of the theory.” So I understand that everything in Skyrim is an advantage. I laughed a lot at the guards depicting the two arrows coming out of their skull as their “fantasy”. “You stupid bouncers, love this game” I thought I was walking around. Then it finally dawned on me. They are not stupid, it is their best move and wise at that. You live in a world where dragons, giants and mammoths can kill you instantly. Even worse, there are tales of this Dragonborn, who was playing 1v1 (and Lydia) nonstop. Such an object cannot be true. As you take care of your own affairs in Whiterun’s guard, you’ll suddenly see Garth and Dave, old friends, rising over the horizon. Jarl pushes a rooster and you know you don’t stand a chance. so, what are you doing? Easy. I saw nothing. Not my problem. To your surprise, this crazy armored boy sits on you like a wild animal and starts stealing your stuff. So you’re playing it cool, playing dead in a sense, doing nothing. Then to your surprise, he squats away, leaving you unscathed and 4 gold lighters. So you tell the other guards, who tell their friends so everyone gets in Skyrim He realizes that if you pretend you can’t see him, don’t complain because he stumbles on putting a bucket on your head, he’ll buy it up and you might survive.”

Bethesda Game Studios has never opened up about why the Watchmen are what they are. This will likely allow players more freedom and entertainment in the game sandbox. Until it provides more insight, this theory is the best we’ve got.


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