YouTuber Kevin Samuels dies, her mother confirms rumors on social media

souTuber Kevin Samuels He passed away on Thursday night after rumors spread on social media.

Samuels is famous Giving controversial relationship advice was 1.4 million Participants.

Kevin Samuels dies Her mother confirmed that she refused to give details of the events. however, Samuel’s mother I learned of her son’s death the day Social media.

“It was such a horrible thing for social media to post that. I didn’t even know. I wasn’t notified,” she said in a phone call with NBC News.

“All I do is ask people to pray for us.”

Several news outlets have reported Atlanta Police Samuel’s death was confirmed in a statement.

The police report described that a woman “met Mr. Samuel last night, He came to his apartment and spent the night with him. That early morning. Mr. Samuel complained of chest pain, and I tried to help him, but he fell over her and proceeded to Report 911. “

The woman asked 911 operator To contact the front office to maintain the defibrillator Mr. Samuel Responsive until Grady arrived because she is a nurse.”

Samuels transferred to Piedmont Hospital By Grady Bus #741.

Opinions unfavorable to public opinion

After his death was announced, public opinion took to social media to attack Kevin Samuels hates women.

Kevin Samuels make a career out oAnd shamelessly black women for profit. He encouraged the most toxic individuals to put forth tired and hurtful accounts of black women,” journalist Ernest Owens books.

Alive or dead, what a shameful life we ​​live. That’s all I have for it misogyny. “

general opinion convicted Samuels’ Comments. said in the past 35 years unmarried Be the “leftovers” of women, and “men know there’s probably something going on with you.”

“What did Kevin Samuels die from? He is 56 years old and unmarried?” musician or instrumentalist Jan Du chirp.


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