List of BTS release tracks where CD2 features Jamais Vu and Dimple

BTS shocked fans by releasing the song list for their upcoming anthem album Evidence – proofwhich will feature individual bullets Will come.

K Pop boyband has been a huge hit since their formation and this album features some of their most popular songs, as well as some new ones.

Here’s everything we know so far…

All about BTS anthology album Evidence – proof

BTS has announced the song list for their chosen album Evidence – proof Fans can hardly contain their excitement.

The album’s title track is called Will comeFans will be able to hear a teaser on June 8, while the video for the song will arrive on June 10.

a statment From Big Hit Music explains that the anthology album “embodies the history of BTS.” Evidence – proof They will be released because they “begin a new chapter as an artist who has been active for nine years to look back on their endeavours.”

Dragon House | Official Teaser Trailer | sky

They said: Anthology album Evidence – proof It consists of three CDs that include many different tracks – including three brand-new ones – that reflect the members’ thoughts and ideas about the past, present, and future of BTS. “

Evidence – proof It will be released on June 10.

The Evidence – proof Track list detected

Track lists for both CD1 and CD2 from Evidence – proof It was revealed on Twitter via Big Hit Music. The list of CD1 pathways was revealed on May 8, while CD2 pathways were published on May 9. About an hour after it was posted, the tweet’s ad had just under 500,000 likes.

They are as follows:

CD 1:

1. The singer was born
2. No more dreaming
3. No
4. A Boy In Love
5. Danger
6. I need yo
7. Run
8. Fire
9. Blood Sweat and Tears
10. Spring Day
11. DNA
12. Fake Love
13. Idol
14. The Boy With Luv
15. Run
16. Dynamite
17. Life goes on
18. Butter
19. He’s not here yet


1. Play BTS
2. Character Introduction
3. Keep
4. Moon
5. Jamais Vu
6. Seesaw
7. Cypher Pt. 3
8. Conclusion: Ego
9. Hey
10. Friend
12. Exclusivity
13. 00:00
14. Orgasm
15. Boils

Fans react to news of the upcoming album

When the album’s playlists were revealed, fans took to Twitter to share their excitement about the upcoming anthology album. Many were delighted with the chosen songs, talking about what the songs mean to them.

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