New Nintendo Direct apparently teased from the inside

A new Nintendo Direct presentation appears to have been teased by a famous Nintendo insider. Throughout 2022 so far, Nintendo has been pretty quiet when it comes to the future of the Switch. Outside of the Direct that happened in February, we haven’t seen much from Nintendo this year. Fortunately, it looks like that silence can be broken soon in the form of one new live show.

talking on Famous Recently, Nintendo’s Emily Rogers seemed to suggest that a new Direct would be coming fairly soon. Commenting on a thread dealing with the prediction of when the next live will take place, Rogers asked those in the forum if they were fans of indie games. While this may not seem like much at face value, many have taken this as a hint that a new Indie World Direct is coming from Nintendo soon. Rogers hasn’t provided any other details about when this Indie World presentation will happen, but based on how Nintendo has worked in the past, it looks like it could happen sometime this month.

If you’re not familiar with what Indie World is in the first place, it’s a live-style presentation hosted by Nintendo that focuses entirely on the indie titles soon coming to the Switch. Nintendo tends to hold two of these events every year which means it’s something we’re used to expecting.

One of the reasons it makes sense to have an Indie World Direct so soon is because we haven’t had one in a very long time. The last Indie World event took place at the end of last year in December 2021. As such, it looks like it’s time for Nintendo to host one of these events again sometime in the near future.

What do you think of this new jammer associated with the next Nintendo Direct? And are there any indie games to look forward to on the Nintendo Switch? Let me know for yourself by hitting me either below in the comments or on Twitter at Trustworthy.



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