How the Conners prepared Ben, Darlene, and two other pairs for the charged final Season 4

spoilers below for ConnersThe latest episode, so beware if you haven’t watched it yet!

Conners He quickly hit viewers with his penultimate installment of Season 4, which has us all taking notice. Christopher Lloyd returns as guest star LuJust to make Ben and Darlene jump into a serious relationship at any moment. (Okay, well, Darlene fell through a rooftop and went to the hospital, so it took little bit Longer than a moment.) “Three Ring Circus” gave fans a sneak peek into how things are going for the new old couple after hospitalization, while providing some major relationship upgrades for Jackie and Neville, as well as for Harris and Aldo. The season finale is clearly heading into a ring full of wedding bells, but you know at least one of those bells will be broken in half, considering Register this family with weddings.

Rather than an article that just teases how much I like Jesse from Joe Walsh, and why this character should be used in so many other TV shows out there, it’s probably appropriate to talk about how Conners Things solidified for the three biggest yet unmarried couples. Let’s start things off with the couple who got their first official offer.

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Jackie and Neville: Way too happy

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