Becky G drops her new album “Esquemas”

Becky J’s second album, racy “Esquemas,” has arrived via Kemosabe/RCA Records. The new LP sees a Mexican-American pop star dictating her own terms, melting together disco and reggaeton for a unique blend of sounds that is entirely Becky G.

“Esquemas” takes its listeners on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment starting with the intro track to the album “Buen Dia”. To the beat of the reggaeton drum, Becky’s new personal liberation appears as she preaches how it’s never too late to stop caring what people think and declares that she’s finally found the bitterness to take over the world. “Con ganas de Comer me el mundo, desperté” she sings: “With a desire to devour the world, I woke up.”

Becky previously released the hit single “Mamiii” with friend and frequent collaborator, Carol J. Coachella One weekend group.

Other singles include “No Mienten”, “Ram Pam Pam” featuring singer-songwriter Nati Natasha, and “Fulianito” which borrows to the beat of Dominican rapper El Alfa. She also chose a rising Puerto Rican reggae star, Guanyaa for the sexy “Tajin” jump.

The disco-pop dance track and finally the song “Bailé Con Mi Ex” are at the heart of the record. In an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music, Becky said the song was originally written in English for a male artist, but as she got more passionate about the track, she decided to roll out the pronouns and add a Latin twist.

“Especially in Latin culture, there are many masculinity About what a woman does – how she dresses, how she talks, how she is in the room… It’s all very specific to a woman’s classification and place. And so I said, ‘I don’t know, I feel like a guy who sings that’s expected’… It hurts a lot when you’re a woman,'” I told Lowe.

The song received its music video counterpart and of course follows Becky and her past memories flashing back to their relationship after they are reunited at a house party.

“Esquemas” also pays homage to the singer’s roots on the track “Flashback” featuring Elana Rose, and on “Dolores,” where Becky’s full vocal range is shown as she releases warm lyrics to love despite the pain.

In the “Esquemas” promotion, Becky will be the featured musical guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” On May 24th.

See trace list for “particles” below:

Bowen Dia
FULANITO feat. alpha
Tagine feat. Guayana
FLASHBACK feat. Ilana Rose
kill Bill
Ram Bam Bam feat. Natasha
no maintin

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