Ben Simmons loves Skip Bayless tweet smashing James Harden, 76ers

Brooklyn Nets guard/striker/big fan Ben Simmons loved a tweet from Skip Bayless smashing his former team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

The 76 players had just lost to the Miami Heat in Game Six on Thursday night, thus ending their season.

It’s not entirely clear what Simmons has against Philly, except for the feelings most exes have for each other. Simmons failed to play in one game for the 76ers this season, so they traded him for another one. Whether it was an injury or a mental health issue, Simmons hasn’t fully opened up about his issues getting back on the basketball court.

Despite being a staple back in Brooklyn in James Harden tradeSimmons didn’t fit in for the Nets this year, either, taking an entire season in the process.

Ben Simmons takes a subliminal shot of James Harden, 76 seconds

Simmons clearly didn’t hide his feelings well enough, as he liked a tweet from FOX pundit Skip Bayless, who criticized Harden for his performance in Game 6.

In the end? Simmons has had back surgery in the off-season, so I hope he can finally make his Nets debut next season. It’s been a long time coming, especially considering the money he’s making.

As for Harden – the former league champion took only two goals in the second half of Game Six, and he missed both. It has left many wondering if his best days are over, as The Heat targeted him in the series. Harden didn’t have much of an answer.

But isn’t James Harden’s tank half empty better than…no help at all? Right now, just as Simmons would never be comfortable playing in Philadelphia again. So while Skip’s tweet makes sense in theory – the Nets could one day win this deal – it’s not worth debating given the simple fact that Simmons didn’t intend to play for the 76ers this season or in years to come.

However, something tells me that Bayless will find a way to discuss it.

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