Chris Rock mocks Will Smith: ‘I got most of my reputation back’

Chris Rock Talk about it again will Smith And his famous incident at the Oscars during his comedy show. The comedian actually spoke briefly a few days ago, but has recently returned to “attack” the actor.

The comedian took advantage of his London tour to talk about the already well-known slap he received at a Hollywood Academy event. At his show at Royal Albert Hall, in the British city, Rock is back in charge.

“I’m fine, if anyone is wondering,” The Telegraph confirms that he commented during one of his monologues. He reportedly explained in a joking tone, “I got most of my reputation back.”

Over the past weeks, it has been speculated on what could be the price at which the concert presenter will talk about what happened. Some portals claimed that $3 million would be the amount he would set as the price to hear his expected opinion.

But, nothing further from the truth, while standing up, he also responded to this rumor: According to the same newspaper, this was his answer: “Don’t expect me to talk about bulls***. I’ll talk about it sometime…on Netflix.” Your tickets were expensive, but not that expensive.”

What happened between Chris Rock and Will Smith?

Will Smith assaults Chris Rock with a slap during the Oscars. The comedian’s “joke” toward Jada Pinkett, Will’s wife, was not welcome. The winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor decided to go up on stage and slap her.

Now, the former star, among others, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or I Am Legend, is facing a possible divorce from his wife. In the meantime, he’s living a spiritual haven away from the spotlight.


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