SVU’s Mariska Hargitay will appear in the Law & Order revival

NBC couldn’t be more exciting than its world of Law & Order after a successful revival of the main series Law & Order, and now a major star will be jumping in from SVU in the show’s first season finale. That would be Captain Olivia Benson, aka Mariska Hargitay, who was revealed by Law & Order Show Director Rick Ed in today. “Finally, Olivia Benson shows up, which is exciting,” Eid said. “Benson crosses paths with detectives Cosgrove and Bernard; they have to talk to her.” Eid said the season finale will center around the shooting of an off-duty rate officer, the officer was a friend of Cosgrove, which would set off the long-running tension between the police department and the attorney general’s office.

Eid says there won’t be “some kind of big suspense” for that episode, adding, “It’s more than just an emotional finale.” As for why Benson hasn’t appeared before now, especially after the first episode of the revival that revolved around the very special Victim Unit Style case. “There was no specific reason (for her not being in that episode),” Eid said, other than that we were building groups, writing scripts, and doing other things. There was definitely a backstory for the special victims, but at the end of the day it was still murder. There was no convincing legal or evidentiary reason. “

We can’t wait to see Benson mix it up with the new and returning Law & Order cast, and we hope to have more details about the episode soon. In terms of freshness, Eid also touched on the challenges of finding a balance between the look and feel of the original show and today’s preferred style and format.

“The show is so likable and imaginative that if you want to bring it back, you better try hard to live up to its standards,” he says. “Things have changed and people are getting used to looking different and shinier (on TV). We want you to feel like you’re in (the room), but also make it fun to watch,” Eid said.

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