Buffalo mass shooter has been identified, wrote a statement of white supremacy

We you finally have a confirmed identification of Total buffalo shooter who killed 10 people and injured three others in a Tops supermarket. As we speak, the state of New York is currently charging him with multiple counts of murder. His name is Payton Gendron, he is 18 years old and born in Conklin, New York.

This is about 200 miles southeast of Buffalo, which means it drove over 3 hours to stream the live stream heavy gunfire It was committed in a predominantly black neighborhood. Authorities said he got out of his car, shot four people in the parking lot, killing three, and one is now hospitalized. After that, the shooter entered the supermarket and began shooting other customers with an assault rifle.

What prompted Payton to kill innocents?

Like we said, Payton Gendron left a statement on the incendiary theory that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson talks about constantly on his show. This is known as the “white substitution theory,” which is in direct conflict with the country’s diversity and permeates white supremacy. Inside this statement, you’ll find many talking points that Tucker often mentions on his show.

Inadvertently, the Fox News anchor has accused young white males of acting on impulses inspired by white supremacist ideologies. But these messages weren’t just from Fox News, Payton’s family also had something to do with this finding through his upbringing.

In more detail about his past, there is a video in which his mother posts Christmas in which she presents him with an arm of fire. A popular brand of firearm called Savage is clearly visible in one of the videos and Payton appears in the photos as well, along with his two brothers who are also opening gifts.

Gifting your minor child with a deadly fiery arm has a direct relationship to how violent he or she is. If the authorities are smart about this, they should also go after the mother for a murder. Currently, the domestic terrorist has pleaded not guilty to 10 murders.



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