LeBron James reveals his favorite player to watch in the NBA

LeBron James Participate any other NBA player he would have loved to watch.

On Monday evening, LeBron James took to Twitter to interact with fans (and other legendary athletes) by asking a number of questions during a question-and-answer session.

Among the many questions asked on his way, LeBron had the opportunity to answer an interesting question regarding his contemporaries on other teams. LeBron got a chance to answer which NBA player under 25 is his favorite player to watch.

In response, LeBron definitely gave the answer to that Luka Doncic He is his favorite player in the NBA.

Who can really blame him for enjoying seeing Doncic dominate?

LeBron James shares that he already has a favorite NBA player to watch

The Dallas Mavericks took the gold when they managed to land with Doncic and it was a pleasure watching him rise as a star. It’s also worth noting that Doncic has also been a big reason for the improvement his team has been through recently.

While many would be quick to crack jokes about LeBron manipulating and trying to improve the Los Angeles Lakers (and some people seriously believe that’s what LeBron is doing here), it’s really fair to give him the benefit of the doubt in this case. Few NBA fans can honestly look at what Doncic does on a daily basis and claim he never had the pleasure of watching.

It stands to reason that some of his competitors, colleagues, and contemporaries would have so much respect for him.

Doncic has Dallas in the Western Conference Finals and this Mavericks team could end up in the Finals if their star player plays to his full potential in this series against the Golden State Warriors.

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