What happened to Gene Leroy Hart from The Keeper of the Ashes and where is he now?

Arguably, true crime documentaries are more popular than they have ever been, with audiences increasingly eager to unravel some of the most egregious crimes committed by humanity.

Warning: There is content of a disturbing nature in the future

This year, we’ve already seen a number of high-profile efforts and one of the most recent efforts requiring attention is Keeper Of The Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders.

This Hulu original documentary series investigates the murders of three young girls in 1977. They were attending a scout camp called Camp Scott in Oklahoma and were tragically murdered the first night.

The disturbing case has been navigated through interviews and archival footage from the aftermath of the killings, while also delving into the recent reopening of the case. In fact, that brings us to Jane Leroy Hart.

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Who is Jane Leroy Hart?

After the murders of the three girls – Laurie Falmer, Michelle Joss, and Doris Milner – crime museum Reports that Gene Leroy Hart has been identified as a suspect.

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He was a prison escapee who served time being convicted of kidnapping and rape in 1966. Before the crimes, non-commissioned officer Reports that a counselor’s tent has been hacked, with a note left inside during camp training.

The note allegedly says, “We are on a mission to kill three girls in the first tent.” However, it was thought to be a joke and the letter was discarded.

Hart was found on April 6, 1978 and charged with the murders of the three girls, grunge reports. Although the evidence against Hart was convincing, he was acquitted and found not guilty of the crimes because the hair on the duct tape at the scene was not his, his semen did not match him etc.

where is he now?

Although not convicted of the infamous Scout murders, he nevertheless went back to prison in order to complete a term of service for his past crimes.

He actually died shortly after serving his sentence on June 4, 1979.

The cause of death was a heart attack and Hart was 35 years old, with an injury The New York Times He reported at the time that he had been assaulted while playing sports, lifting weights and jogging before collapsing.

Hart may have died decades ago but Oxygen It is reported that the local mayor – Sheriff Reed – continued to argue and assert that Hart was the man responsible for the murders.

He says advances in forensic sciences since then would have found him guilty if technology and methods had been available at the time: “I pray that there is something we’ve done that gives the family a second of something like closure or admission or something like that.”

“But as far as peace is concerned, there is absolutely nothing in this case that gives me one second of peace. Period.”

Keeper of the Ashes release date

The four-part documentary series is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

As of now, no Disney+ release date or release date has been confirmed – Hulu-exclusive shows are often first shown on the platform internationally.

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