Microsoft says Windows 11 is ready for widespread deployment

Windows 11 is now ready for widespread deployment in business environments, Microsoft announced through its release health information page. This means that anyone with a computer that meets the minimum requirements for Windows 11 should be able to install it safely. Microsoft says there may still be protective restrictions on certain devices.

Microsoft officially released Windows 11 just over seven months ago, and while it was a breath of fresh air in many ways, the initial release was definitely affected by some significant issues. However, as more cumulative updates have been rolled out and more devices have been upgraded, most of these major issues have been resolved, so it only makes sense that it’s safe to install them now. This is how things work when there is a major update like this.

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft made a similar announcement regarding the release of Windows 10 21H2. This update for Windows 10 was released around the same time as Windows 11, but it is much less significant in terms of changes. Since it is a lot smaller, it will naturally be ready for widespread deployment soon as well.

The announcement that Windows 11 version 21H2 is ready for widespread deployment comes as we expect version 22H2 to be completed in the next few weeks. In terms of features, the next major update for Windows 11 has been made, and we’re mostly expecting fixes for the next few weeks leading up to the public release. Then the cycle starts again until that version is ready for wide dissemination as well.

If you haven’t done so yet, you should be able to get the update to Windows 11 by checking for updates in the Settings app. Again, your computer will need to meet the minimum requirements to run the operating system, and there have been some significant changes to these requirements compared to Windows 10. You can also use PC Health Check To find out if your computer is compatible and why it might not be.

source: Microsoft

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