DC fans can’t believe the budget for The Wonder Twins movie

Earlier today it was confirmed that The Wonder Twins The film, which was just announced for only three months, has been officially canceled on HBO Max. According to reports, the film was the reason for the incorporation of WB-Discovery, and was the result of the desire of the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, has put a cap on the cost of original films for the streaming service. Apparently Zaslav wanted movies for HBO Max with a maximum budget of $35 million, which he wasn’t The Wonder Twins It is said that he exceeded forty million. The response to the movie’s cancellation wasn’t entirely surprising from DC fans but the amount of money that was said to be spent on the movie certainly was.

Riverdale’s KJ Apa and Isabel May were cast in 1883 in the lead roles of Zan and Jayna just over a month ago with director Adam Sztykiel set to be behind the camera. In an interview Mai gave right after the part was booked, and literally days before it was canceled, she expressed her enthusiasm for the role and offered the tune they were aiming for, saying Tell Playlist‘s Podcast worth watching: “I like getting to know certain characters, so I read everything [of the comics]. I know they’re kind of funny, sort of, but the fun thing about it is that you can kind of go anywhere with it. So I read all the comic books in it and even watched the show [‘Super Friends’]Not that, okay? It’s a different era, and we’re doing something kind of different… I guess I can’t really say anything, but I think so. [the approach] It’s really unique and fun.”

Although the movie fell by the wayside, some DC fans don’t believe it was considered anyway, while others are disappointed that the movie didn’t just make it a theatrical release. See the chain reaction to the news below.


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They will never do this

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It has to be a low budget comedy

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I do not believe that

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I burst out laughing

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Emotional roller coaster



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