Elon Musk and Twitter’s legal team have contradicted each other over the ‘parked deal’

HLon Musk recently stated that the Twitter deal was I’m waitingHe revealed that he had encountered many issues with the number of bot and fake accounts in the platform. At the same time the former president Donald Trump He released a statement via his Truth Social platform saying that Musk may be backing out of the deal.

If this happens, there is a $1 billion penalty that Elon Musk will have to pay. Judging by the level of wealth Musk has, this is a short price to pay for withdrawing from a deal that could be a source of immense pain for Elon. Currently, he is involved in four companies I founded that deal with the advancement and improvement of human civilization.

With Space X, Musk is trying to create advanced rockets that could one day take humans to Mars. Tesla is dealing with the creation of self-driving electric cars that could save the planet from deadly carbon emissions. However, this car company is also actively involved in solving the problem of artificial intelligence in the real world.

Neuralink deals with finding a better way to deal with many cognitive diseases with chips implanted in our brains that will be able to control our nervous system. Last but not least, The Boring Company deals with underground tunnels that will one day solve the world’s traffic problem. But Musk seemed determined to solve another problem from a company he didn’t create.

Twitter’s legal team confirms that the deal remains in place.

Protecting freedom of expression on the largest social media platform where ideas are born is essential to Elon Musk. But he found several obstacles that could easily deter him from completing the $44 billion purchase. Twitter class chief and policy chief Vijaya Jade just issued a warning to Elon.

During a meeting with the staff, she told everyone that “there is no such thing as a pending deal.” Musk responded as he does best, with a tweet in which he posted a meme. Either Twitter and elon start aligning or this could turn into a nasty legal battle that will last for months.



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