Inside Johnny Depp And Laurie Allison’s Marriage As A Relationship Bruce Whitkin Witness

The 19th day of the Johnny Depp defamation case began, and Amber Heard described Bruce Whitkin’s friend as witness.

The pair were friends and bandmates when they were kids, and the video of it, recorded in February 2022, was shown in court on Thursday.

Bruce’s ex-wife’s sister is Laurie Ann Allison, a makeup artist who actually married Johnny in the early 1980s and was his first wife. Let’s delve into their marriage…

Who is Laurie Ann Allison?

Laurie Ann Allison is a makeup artist who became famous when she married Johnny Depp in 1983.

that IMDb A profile under the name Lori A. Depp revealed that the 64-year-old has done makeup for a number of big films, including Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991), Cyber ​​Bandits (1995) and Secret Lies (1993). ) .

She is said to have moved to Los Angeles to become a record producer, but quickly gained an interest in makeup instead, with the help of her friends Adam You and Christina Applegate.

Johnny’s first wife still uses the surname Depp and launched her own line of lip glosses called “Serendeppity” in 2015 but she doesn’t seem to be in the spotlight anymore.

inside their marriage

Johnny and Laurie were introduced in the early 1980s when classmate Bruce was dating her sister.

She was hired to do makeup for the band and the couple released her at a wedding in December 1983 at a small party in South Florida.

During their marriage, the make-up artist introduced him to Nicolas Cage, who helped him get an audition for the film Nightmare on Alam Street.

However, as the actor’s career took off, his marriage fell apart and the pair broke up after only two years.

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Laurie says Johnny would “never reach out to a woman”

After the divorce, the couple remained good friends and Laurie spoke up after Amber Heard’s allegations first surfaced.

TMZ She reported that Laurie told her friends that Johnny would “never lay a hand on a woman” and “unable to harm anyone”.

They also reported that Laurie “doesn’t believe” Amber Heard’s claims and said he “never materialized” them during their relationship.

TMZ also claimed that the makeup artist described the actor as a “nice person” who is kind to animals.

At the time of writing, Laurie has not spoken during the 2022 defamation case.

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation over an op-ed she published in the Washington Post in 2018. Heard resists Depp. The case is set to continue.

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