The 3-foot Kaiju Statue is now available for pre-order

Godzilla has some big projects on the horizon, as the King of Monsters is set to appear in a sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong And an upcoming TV series on Apple TV+ that explores more Legendary Pictures from MonsterVerse. Before the King of the Lizards makes his big comeback, fans will have the opportunity to pick up one of the largest statues depicting Godzilla to date, but if you want to add this kaiju to your collection, it will require a major financial commitment like a statue from Prime One Studio to capture the giant menace of the kaiju.

Prime One Studios has covered a lot of different franchises in the past when it comes to creating statues of popular characters in pop culture, such as DC Comics, animated series, video games, and a number of other genre-changing series. This three-foot-high statue of the King of the Lizard isn’t the first kaiju-focused memorabilia that Prime One has created, it recently released a number of statues and busts to celebrate Legendary PIctures’ hit, Godzilla Vs. Kong. Besides focusing on Godzilla and Kong from the latest MonsterVerse movie, statue producers have also produced an all-new Mechagodzilla doppelganger version of the Lizard King.

Prime One Studio has shared the first details for pre-ordering giant Godzilla figurines, which will set fans back upwards of $2,000 if kaiju collectors want to add these new picks on the King of the Lizard to their collections next year as the figurines are set to arrive in 2023:

The Legendary MonsterVerse recently announced that a sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong It will see the return of the original director, Adam Wingard, with actor Dan Stevens confirmed to lead the man. On the TV front, the kaiju series currently on Apple TV+ has added director Matt Shakman, who previously worked on Disney+’s Wandavision before agreeing to jump into the world of Godzilla and his fellow Titans, to its roster. While no actors have been confirmed to join the MonsterVerse TV series, rumors are swirling about Wyatt Russell’s willingness to join the cast.

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