Enhance your call recording experience with this Magisk unit

Recording a call is often associated with risky business, but the feature is being sought after for many reasons. Call Recorder comes in handy when you want to make sure you don’t miss any vital details during an interview or a business call without having to write things down manually. However, getting a third-party call recording app from the Play Store is a taboo due to the strict measures taken by Google recently. Besides, very few OEMs offer a homegrown solution for non-area call recording nowadays. This is the place Basic call recorder Enter.

As inferred from its name, the primary function of Basic Call Recorder is to record calls. Developed by XDA Senior Member chenxiaolongThe app can run either as a Magisk module or as a system app embedded in a custom ROM.

Basic call recorder

Most of the third-party call recording apps have hits and misses for users, with only a few reporting on required functionality while others get a buggy placeholder. Compared to these apps, Basic Call Recorder is a very lightweight solution. The developer embrace kiss principle in design. As a result, there are only two configuration options in the app: toggle recording on/off and output directory picker.

When it comes to recording the conversation, there is no user interface during a call. Instead, Basic Call Recorder runs silently in the background once you enable it. The app does everything locally (it even lacks the built-in update option), so privacy should be the least of your concerns. Furthermore, audio streams in FLAC are encoded at the device’s original sample rate to ensure lossless recordings.

Here is a summary of the features provided by Basic Call Recorder:

  • Supports Android 10 through Android 13
  • Records lossless audio in FLAC encoded at the device’s original sample rate
  • Supports Android Storage Access Framework (it can record to SD cards, USB devices, cloud storage, etc.)
  • Toggle quick settings
  • Material You dynamic features
  • No ongoing notification unless registration is in progress
  • No network access permission
  • No third party dependencies
  • Works with call screening on Pixel devices (records the caller, but not the automated system)

Since simplicity is a key factor here, you can’t find any advanced options like lost audio compression support or OEM app killing behavior workarounds in this app. Moreover, the developer has no intention of moving the app to unrooted firmware.

If you want to try out Basic Call Recorder, download the flash-ready Magisk module from the link below. For app/ROM developers reading this, the app is open sourceso you can look at the code base, submit new patches, integrate them into your custom ROM, or compile the application yourself.

Download basic call recorder

Let us know what you think of Basic Call Recorder in the comments section below!

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