Madison meets spoiler in Fear the Walking Dead Finale Trailer

It’s transit years in the making. Morgan Jones (Lenny James) meets Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) when worlds the walking Dead And Fear of walking dead They clash again in the seventh season finale. Adrift at sea since The Raft, Morgan mistook the explosive end of the war between Alicia Clarke (Alicia Debnam Curry) and Victor Strand (Coleman Domingo), friends turned foes due to the struggle for the Strand Tower. Morgan searches for a place safe from the fallout from nuclear destruction with Baby Mo, and finds a new ally who turns out to be more trouble than he bargained for when he arrives on Earth in “Gold”.

In the Fear of walking dead The final trailer for Season 7, Morgan arrives at the beach – only to be attacked by new enemies wearing burlap sacks. Madison comes to the rescue of Baby Mo, carrying a head-shattering hammer and a respirator in her first appearance since she apparently died in a stadium fire in Season 4.

via James from the walking Dead to branched afraid In its fourth season, just missing Dickens and killing off Madison Clark. Dickens announced her return to afraid go on with your life dead talking In December, it was confirmed that Madison had survived her apparent death: a self-sacrifice to save children Alicia and Nick Clark (Frank Dylan) from a pedestrian mob.

“React [to] Hearing that she was officially back was just excitement. My next question was: Am I with her in any scene? Am I in the episode when you come back how was it coming [back]”?” James exclusively said Character Book About working with Dickens when she returns to Fear of walking dead. “The questions were all very selfish about whether or not I was going to work with Kim. That was all I really cared about, really, because that’s what I felt like I was missing out on. [in Season 4]. And that’s what I wanted to put on my list of things I own.”

As Madison once said: No one’s gone until he’s gone. Dickens guest stars in the season finale before returning as a regular series in Season 8 of afraid.

The Fear of walking dead The final episode of Season 7, “Gone” airs May 29 on AMC+ and will premiere Sunday, June 5, on AMC. Follow CameronBonomolo on Twitter & Tweet embed For coverage of the TWD Universe all season long.


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