My Hero Academy creates the new Spinner power

My hero academy Pave the way for the new Spinner power with the latest chapter in the series! With the final chapter of the manga now in the midst of the final battles between heroes and villains, fans got a sneak peek at all the new battlefields that erupted when the battles first began. Now with the first of these major fights seemingly settled right now, fans have recently taken a fresh look at all the fights and it immediately becomes clear that the war is much bigger than what the series ever allowed.

The new chapter of the series sees the heroes tell each other about their team’s first major victory, and through this, fans can see how both heroes and villains react to the changing news of the war as well. It’s the same case for Spinner because he may be a villain, except that he was fighting alongside those he considered close allies and even viewed them in different ways. All the while, it seemed like he had obtained a new power-up from All For One before actually heading into the final battle.

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Chapter 353 of My hero academy He updates fans on Spinner, and it’s been revealed that he and a faction of misfits are part of the group attacking the UA Academy at their very own base. It has grown to a massive new size, and when he reacts to the news of Dabi’s loss, a flashback reveals how he couldn’t believe Dabi could lose. Believing the fiery villain to have “everything”, strength, and things that Spinner himself felt lacked, the flashback also appears to have mocked that All For One gave him a new ability before the final battle.

Now that Spinner is essentially an icon for outcast outcasts pretty much like him, he’s been given a new gigantic body in order to reverse this and lead all those new allies into the field. It’s a little disappointing considering that Spinner has been dealing with this lack of confidence throughout the series thus far, and it seems like getting new power from All For One has thrown a new wrench into his confidence more than ever.

What do you think? How do you feel about Spinner’s new strength? What strangeness do you think All For One gave him before the final fight? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also contact me directly about all the moving stuff and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!


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