Who is DeuxMoi? Gossip Girl’s Instagram identity confirmed by Hailey Bieber

If you remember the feeling of finding out who Gossip Girl was or revealing Mrs. Whistledown in Bridgerton, Insta fans can connect now. It is possible that the people behind the infamous gossip gossip on Instagram have finally been revealed.

Brian Feldman published a report on BNet It investigates the history of the account, which has 1.5 million followers. Feldman delved deeply into DeuxMoi, but he’s not the only one who has wanted to know their true identity. Hailey Bieber even wore a detective hat…

Speculation surrounding DeuxMoi’s identity started a while ago, so let’s find out more about the report.

Who is DeuxMoi?

DeuxMoi is a pseudonymous Instagram account that posts celebrity gossip. They often share ideas and updates on where and with whom to spot celebrities. Usually, people contact DeuxMoi with photos or information about celebrities, while requesting to remain “offline”. The account then shares gossip on their Instastory.

Through Interview As of 2020, DeuxMoi has confirmed that the site was launched in 2013. Initially, it was used as a fashion blog run by two friends. The page did not confirm the identity of the account holders or address the Brian Feldman report.

In a newsletter From a former New York magazine reporter, Feldman revealed that one of the founders of DeuxMoi is Meggie Kempner. Meiji is a granddaughter Nan Kempner, a New York City socialite. In 2014, DeuxMoi’s Pinterest featured an entire pin board dedicated to Nan.

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During the early days of the account, model Kristina Romanova shared an Instagram post, tagging @deuxmoi and someone going to @mkempsyo. Feldman discovered that mkempsyo is a fashion entrepreneur named Meggie Kempner.

Since then, all Instagram accounts @smkempsyo and @mlovallo12 have been deleted. However, their tags could still be found, which inevitably led to the game being thrown out.

It is also said that Melissa Lovalo was behind the DeuxMoi Instagram account. This was suggested after a 2013 tweet from model Emily DiDonato, who wrote, “I love your @gizroc75 blog! It’s amazing having a look you guys! deuxmoi.com.”

Another tweet that seemed to point to Lovallo’s direction was posted in 2015 when Au Revoir Les Filles tweeted, “Great chat with Melissadeuxmoigals. Love what you’re doing and go girl!!!”

Gossip Girl’s Instagram identity confirmed by Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber She previously revealed on Instagram in 2020 that she has come up with the true identity of DeuxMoi. After Bieber liked Pop Crave’s latest post, this apparently confirmed that they’ve cracked the code regarding DeuxMoi’s identities.

DeuxMoi is currently working on files debut novel Anon Pls, a fictional memoir. The narration follows a fashion worker who rises to unknown fame through a Deuxmoi-esque social media account.

DeuxMoi has yet to respond to their supposed identities, however, The Focus has reached out for comment.

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