Andor Answers Rogue One’s Secrets

Star Wars: Andor Not only will it be a series that helps us learn more about rebel spy Cassian Andor (Diego Luna). Obviously, the upcoming Disney+ will help answer some of the other lingering puzzles Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Something that Luna and Tony Gilroy raised in a recent press interview for the show. like many star Wars Projects, time has changed how many people feel about it rogue onewith a pivotal neck-breaking and doomed pace, leaving fans to wonder and imagine the heroic characters they’ve met.

now with AndorLooks like Lucasfilm and Disney+ are already going to feed that rogue one Fandom with a comprehensive look at that corner of the Star Wars universe!

“We have to invent, invent, and dream up all the answers that you don’t find in Rogue One,” Luna said. Vanity Fair. “I thought this character had disappeared for me. Suddenly when they asked me if I was willing to do it, my direct answer was, ‘Yes, of course, because I also have questions that I would like to answer.'” “

As shown, rogue oneThe story plunged fans into the midst of the desperate secret mission of the Early Rebellion to uncover the Empire’s plot to build a superweapon (the Death Star). This race against time did not allow for many deep backgrounds for anyone in the group. Even the biggest Rogue One fan can admit: There were plenty of unanswered questions. Tony Gilroy books rogue one And it was largely unrecognized for dealing with reshoots that actually got the film in the can. So Gilroy knows better than anyone exactly which holes need to be filled:

“You know he’s been fighting since he was a kid, right? He says that. You know he was a guerrilla fighter. You know for sure he was a killer. He killed an ally in the first scene,” Gilroy recalls. “It was a big dose rogue one, to see who swallows it. It’s morally complex in a really dark way.”

Gilroy remembers a certain scene from rogue one It seems to have inspired what Andor would explore:

“Felicity [Jyn Orso] He comes out of the council meeting in Yavin and says, ‘They don’t want to do that. they do not have bowels To do that.’ And he’s standing there with the line of the murderous men, and he says, ‘Oh man, if we no Go do this, and then all this awful stuff we’ve done, all the bullshit we’ve done, will be useless. All morale and all the blood on our hands will be useless.”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

As Luna says in the conclusion, seeing the darkness that was part of the light that the Rebel Alliance will bring back to the galaxy is a huge attraction for this series:

“He’s someone who lives through tough times,” says Luna. “If you know the world and the story of Star Wars, this is the darkest time.”

As the Star Wars Universe continues to expand in all directions of its timeline, many new doors and windows are being opened for us not only to repopulate the main characters, but also to cross-connect with all kinds of other series and movies. Andor It’s just the beginning where we can see it rogue one POPULAR CHARACTERS AGAIN – Many fans are wondering if the Obi-Wan series might be another one.


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