Broadcast, preview and where to watch Street Man Fighter prequel

prequel show for Street Man Fighter (SMF), Be ambitious Episode 1 will be released on May 24, followed by Episode 2 on May 25. Take a look at Be ambitious Episode 1 time, preview and where to watch below.

Be ambitious It was already a buzzing topic on Twitter as the show’s lineup includes the star-studded roster as well as the famous judges from Mnet’s street fighter.

Some of the participants in Be ambitious Kino’s include The Pentagon, Kard’s BM, ONF’s U, DKB’s Harry June, HOTSHOT’s Noh Taehyun, and former Infinite member Hoya.

WayB’s Noze in Be Mbitious Episode 1 (Mnet / Mnet Dance Instagram / Be Mbitious Teaser Poster)

broadcast time Be ambitious episode 1

The first episode of Be Mbitious will air on May 24 at 10.20 PM KST / 9.20 AM ET. Take a look at the international schedule below.

  • PT: 6.20am PT, May 24
  • Central time: 8.20 a.m. local time, May 24
  • Eastern time: 9.20 a.m. ET, May 24
  • British time: 2.20pm GMT, May 24
  • European time: 3.20pm CEST, May 24
  • Indian time: 6.50pm IST, May 24
  • Philippines Time: 9.20 Philippine Pesos in the Philippines, May 24
  • Japan time: 10.20 PM JST, May 24
  • Australia time: 10.50pm EST, May 24
  • Singapore time: 9.20pm, May 24

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Referees and hosts lineup Be ambitious

SMF Introduction, Be ambitious Legendary South Korean singer Rin will host.

Together with Rin, the lineup of referees from Be ambitious It looks very promising as it has a group of famous dancers. Take a look at the lineup of judges below.

  • Web: Nose, Ansu, Dola
  • Lachika: jabi, peanut, H_1
  • Holly Bang: Honey Ji, Jin, Evie
  • Prudential: Monica
  • Want: Hyojin Choi
  • YGX: Leung
  • CocaNButter: Rehe
  • Hawk: Ike
Hawk Ike as a judge at Be Mbitious (Mnet / Mnet Dance Instagram)

Where to watch Be Mbitious ep 1

Be Mbitious Episode 1 will air on Mnet on May 24 at 10.20 PM KST / 9.20 AM ET. The show will also be available to watch TV.

All preview features are loaded on Choom’s YouTube channel is here.

Viewers abroad can also catch the show on Viu from May 25 onwards in select regions. For more live stream updates, keep an eye on this space.

Episode 1 preview

According to a long preview released by Mnet and The Choom YouTube, Episode 1 of Be Mbitious is getting a bit more intense as the contestants definitely draw a line between idol dancers and non-idol dancers.

While non-idol dancers taunt their ex, saying, “Would there be a difference in levels, it’s not like they’re just dancing.”

But idols like Kino from the Pentagon and Kard’s BM came up with brutal responses. Kino said, “They might think [idols] Inexperienced, good. But not me!”

BM replied, “Well, that’s fine! They can run their mouths. But it’s also better for them not to lose.”

The preview also showed that the Be Mbitious participants have been given the task of learning the famous choreography Hey Mama and not all of them are happy with their own performance.

Based on their performance, participants will be selected through public voting. Check out more preview shots of Be ambitious here.

Looking forward to watching Be ambitious episode 1? Watch the first episode on Mnet at 10.20 PM KST / 9.20 AM ET on May 24.

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