Texas school shooting: What happened before Salvador Ramos opened fire on Robb Elementary School

Salvador Ramos He was an 18-year-old shooter 19 children slaughtered And two adults in Rob Primary School In Ovaldi, Texas.

On his birthday, Ramos bought Two assault rifles And he sent a picture of his weapons to a random account on Instagram, with a direct message, hours before the massacre.

According to the police department, Salvador Ramos They shot his grandmother before killed 21 people In an elementary school.

Ramos They shot his grandmother About 11:30 amThe police chased after him Rob Primary School in Ovaldi.

the police Follow Ramos. However, he ran to primary school in Uvald, Texas With a pistol, it appeared to be a “rifle,” as the officers described it.

“As soon as he got into school, he started shooting at the kids and the teachers, whoever got in his way, he was shooting everyone.” Texas Department of Public Safety official speaker Lieutenant Chris Olivares She said.

Salvador Ramos and his text messages

The information he obtained Intel Doge Says Instagram Ramos He had one post, and sent a picture of two guns to a random Instagram user.

Ramos asked Instagram user if he’s reposting it Venice Pictures.

According to his direct messages, Ramos said that He wanted to tell him a secret. The user continued the conversation until 1:16 PM.

Ramos did not respond to text messages.

“The account posted three days ago a photo of two rifles, including what appeared to be a Daniel Defense AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine.” The Daily Beast reported.

Another picture from April 28How does someone hold a magazine. “

NileHe is a former classmate Sharing time with Ramos At school when they were both younger he shared his diplomas with The Daily Beast.

“I had a math class,” she said. “He was very quiet in class.”


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