Millie Bobby Brown and more Stranger Things stars take on the distance between characters and plots in Season 4

Weird things It’s finally back with new episodes for fans who’ve waited nearly three years to find out what happens after the defeat of Mind Flayer and the “death” of Jim Hopper. While some questions — such as whether or not Hopper survived — have been answered during the hiatus, the first volume of season four will shed light on what viewers have been relying on since 2019. However, it won’t be business as usual, with stories that divide Characters among Hawkins, California, Russia, and presumably Upside Down, Based on a full trailer! Millie Bobby Brown, who of course plays Eleven, and more veterans in season one weighed in on season four.

It will be eleven in California in Weird things Season 4, after Hawkins left with the Byers family at the end of Season 3 in the wake of what appeared to be Hopper’s death. The Great California-themed trailer She revealed that she and Will are heading to high school, and that they are officially separated from The Party. The cast members spoke with CinemaBlend and other outlets, and when asked what El and Will season four would look like in light of the split with their friends thousands of miles away, Millie Bobby Brown shared:

I think it’s really nice to see our characters outside of that environment, outside of that group to see what it’s like not in Hawkins, because Hawkins defined our characters in key ways, and seeing them in California in a new environment, it’s actually very refreshing and it gives our characters a little bit of dynamism.

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