Adam Cole defeated Samoa Joe in a Double or Nothing to win the Owen Hart Men’s Championship

All Elite Wrestling has hosted two tournaments in honor of the late Owen Hart over the past few weeks. The Owen Hart Men’s and Women’s Championships feature some of the best talent that AEW has to offer, giving fans several great matches in the run-up to the latest round in the Double or Nothing pay-per-view event. The men’s championship came to a match between Adam Cole and Samoa Joe, a fight that fans were more than excited to see.

As many believed, Adam Cole won the match, becoming Owen Hart’s first men’s championship. The match started with Joe Cole delivering an absolute punch, but once the action moved outside the ring, Cole experienced a huge shift in momentum. Things went back and forth evenly for the remainder of the match, with hard and near-falling hits keeping fans on their feet. Intervention from Bobby Fish eventually helped Adam Cole win, as he slashed Boom to knock Joe off the pin.

Adam Cole and Samoa Joe both faced a difficult path to reach the Owen Hart Foundation Championship finals. Cole opened the tournament by defeating Dax Harwood, the half-branded FTR team, before defeating Jeff Hardy in the semifinals. On the other side of the arc, Samoa Joe opens the tournament against the men’s “Joker” fighter, who turns out to be Johnny Elite (aka John Morrison). In the second round, Joe defeated Kyle O’Reilly, a close ally of Cole.

Samoa Joe just made his AEW debut at the beginning of April, working on both that promotion and Ring of Honor, where he is the current ROH Television Champion. Prior to his AEW debut, Samoa Joe opened up about his decision to sign with the company.

“That’s why I’m here. I tried to improve the world of professional wrestling, but at the end of the day, I’m here at AEW and ROH to be the unified champion,” Joe explained. “I’m here to win the AEW Championship and the Ring of Honor Championship. I’m here to win whatever they put me in. I’m more than willing to go to Owen Hart. [Tournament] Joe said and so win. “This isn’t a game anymore. AEW has a lot of happy moments, and a lot of great wrestlers respect each other. I don’t respect anyone. Until you’re in the ring with me. I come over there to slap people in the mouth and take what they have. That’s pretty much an ordinance.” My country when I’m here. The announcer, the guide, the good guy – I’m all of these things, but not here. Not here.”

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