Ethan Klein breaks his silence about being banned from YouTube

Ethan Klein is breaking his silence after a YouTuber was banned from the platform for a week.

This is not the first time that Ethan’s video has been removed from the platform. However, the YouTuber has received a lot of backlash online for a recent joke he cracked.

After remaining silent for a while, Ethan finally shed light on what had happened and how long he was prevented from entering the podium.

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H3H3 video explored

The latest ban comes in response to a video uploaded to YouTube channel H3H3. In it, Ethan deals with the recent shooting incident in the United States that killed 19 children and two teachers.

During the video, Ethan joked about the bombing of the NRA building. The YouTube user immediately retracted his comment. However, the joke was not liked by many and people were quick to criticize him for himself.

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Ethna Klein Banned On Youtube

Shortly after receiving a lot of backlash, Ethan confirmed that he was denied entry to the platform.

He wrote: “Conservatives made jokes I said and Mas told me. I got banned for a week and the episode removed. If only they cared about dead kids as much as jokes…so I want to say sorry. Sorry you all pathetic snowflakes. F**k the NRA & f**k Abbott.”

He also justified his comment by saying, “I want to make it clear that I don’t advocate violence of any kind. It’s clear to anyone who’s seen the clip and not just the 10-second clip that was used to mislead attention. Now the Republicans are the party of dead kids, and nothing could be offending far from that.” “.

Finally, Ethan admitted that he received a lot of death threats after a short clip of his clip went viral on Twitter. However, the YouTube user insists that the video fails to show what really happened in the last episode of the H3H3 podcast.

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YouTuber has been blocked by

This is not the first time that a YouTube user has been banned from the platform. Previously, a YouTuber ran into issues in December 2021 after reporting an old podcast video en masse, according to Dexerto.

As a result, the podcast was unable to upload a new Christmas video. The latest ban in 2022 appears to last for a week. After that, the podcast will return to the platform.

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