3 players from the White Sox will not be on the list on July 1

With the MLB roster constantly changing throughout the season, which three players from the White Sox won’t be on the list on July 1?

The Chicago White Sox, who are currently number two at AL Central, have had more injuries than any other team to start the 2022 season.

Without superstars Eloy Jimenez, Tim Anderson, Lance Lynn, Garrett Crochet and Joe Kelly to name a few, the club has built a host of players and has had some success so far.

Tim Anderson and Joe Kelly from that group will likely be back in the squad sooner rather than later. With activation(s) from IL, players will be removed from the list. With an exciting July/August trading deadline on the horizon, these two players being replaced by Anderson and Kelly are undoubtedly the last team to be eliminated from the current White Sox.

White Sox: Reese Maguire won’t be on the list on July 1

27-year-old Reese McGuire, a Toronto Blue Jay from 2016 to 2021, finds himself on the White Sox serving as the club’s reserve striker behind Yasmani Grandal.

McGuire was never known to be such a threat to a batsman, and his lack of minor league options kept him in the major leagues for longer than likely necessary.

The emergence of the reigning minor league title holder Carlos Perez may have put McGuire’s place in the danger list. Currently working for the White Sox’s Charlotte-based Triple-A, Perez looked sharp to start the season, hitting nine home runs and driving in 31 innings while posting a hit average of 0.286 and pulling nine walks for just 10 strokes.

If Perez is able to maintain that pace, he is very likely to take McGuire’s place at some point this season as he has been in the Sox minor league system since 2014 and has undoubtedly earned his place.

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