Haim Dance is the latest viral Twitter memes as fans perform ‘robotic’ moves for the grilling band

Since 2018, a video of Dua Lipa’s dancing has been one of the internet’s most viral memes — and it looks like Haim is about to join in.

The lift The singer performed her hit song one kiss At a concert it immediately spread as people made fun of a certain dance move in which she repeatedly twisted her hips.

While some believed there was nothing wrong with dancing, others called it “weird”, “weird” and “lazy” and some even went so far as to say that she had no stage presence or talent for dancing.

Within minutes, her dancing move, dubbed ‘Sharpener’, was converted into GIFs and memes that are still being shared across social media in 2022.

This week, a video of pop band Haim went viral and he danced in a very similar way and quickly became the next big dance move…

longest night | date announcement | Netflix



longest night | date announcement | Netflix






Haim’s dance moves are going viral on Twitter

On Friday (May 27), the American music trio Haim, made up of three sisters, performed at the Boston Colling Music Festival in Massachusetts.

Alana, Danielle and Este took to the stage to sing their hit song I know alonewhich had an intense dance routine.

Wearing black bras and matching leather pants, the sisters danced intensely, twisting their bodies and moving in sync with one another.

The routine was impressive and timing perfect, but it was a bit automated, and too weird for a band that doesn’t dance at all.

Hai stands in his natural spot and sings and plays guitar without a looming dance move – so it came as a bit of a shock and went viral for all the wrong reasons.

It’s the newest internet meme

On Twitter, fans are very confused by the strange dance.

It gives off a high school crowd vibe.

Or two eighth graders at the photo booth.

The clip haunts everyone.

Nobody could understand what they were doing.

It is the dance battle scene of White Chicks.

They were clearly trying something new, but it didn’t go well.

this is exactly right.

They will never live like this.

Dua Lipa addresses the hate of the dance meme

Earlier this year, Dua Lipa addressed the hate she received after a video of her dancing went viral, even revealing that she had to “take herself off” from Twitter.

Talking to NPRshe said, “There was one little dance routine I was doing when I was performing, and people took that little snippet and decided to build my entire stage presence and who I was performing on stage.”

“I think at that point there were moments of self-doubt, although it was kind of unfair because a lot of people who sent those messages or were saying things online didn’t actually attend a show,” she continued.

She revealed that the hate really “hung her” and made her feel that she “wasn’t good enough”, “didn’t deserve to be there” and “was not cut out to be musical”.

Dua went on to criticize social media, saying she is “operating with this toxic coin that makes people laugh at the expense of others” before saying that not logging into Twitter for long is a “saving blessing”.

In other news, users are complaining about an increase in the number of TikTok ads on the platform

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