One Piece takes on JoJo’s bizarre adventure with some straw hats bases

Scientist piece Some major anime franchises crossed over into the past, as the Straw Hat Pirates were fighting against the Z-Fighters of Dragon Ball IIn a special episode of both anime series, but a fan artist has crossed the world of the Grand Line with the Joestar dynasty by giving away some of their biggest pirate platforms. While there was no official intersection between One Piece and JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureThis new art is definitely the best thing after these two animation franchises clashed.

2022 is set to be an important year for both the Straw Hat Pirates and Joestar, with piece Currently in the midst of Wano Arc and the 15th movie scheduled to arrive this summer 1 piece: redAnd the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure You are scheduled to receive new episodes of Stone Ocean on Netflix. While most One piece Future plans are rather clear, fans of Joestars are waiting to see what other news will be revealed this year, as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure He hints at a big announcement this summer to adapt to the animation.

Twitter Artist K16416 shared this impressive fusion of anime giving some of the world’s biggest pirates their Grand Line Stands, dropping members of the Worst Generation into the world of Joestars and imagining what the combination of these two worlds might look like:

Currently, in pages One piece The manga, the Wano War is coming to an end as Luffy gains a new transformation known as Gear Fifth which allows him to perform feats that Captain Straw Hat had never done before. With “Roof Piece” currently taking place in the anime adaptation, it may be a while before we see Luffy’s new untamed technique hit the small screen, although it will certainly be an earth-shaking moment once it does.

Would you like to see a cross between One Piece and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in the future? What will be the positions of the straw hat pirates? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things Comics, Anime, Straw Hat Pirates, and Joestar.



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