Platty Gubbs is the UK’s latest meme with slang sparking heated debate on Twitter

The Queen’s platinum jubilee is finally here, and people across the country celebrate the weekend with street parties, barbecues and family gatherings.

You may have noticed that Twitter in the UK this weekend is riddled with references to “platty jubes,” a phrase that has divided the internet.

But what is Platty Gubbs? And why do people feel so strongly about him? lets take alook…

What is “Platy Gubbs”

Platinum Jubilee is a general term used to refer to the Platinum Jubilee.

Although we don’t know who started the ferry, it started spreading online about a week before Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. Tweets like this One It started to spread: “Someone at work called Jubilee Weekend ‘Plati Jobes’ and I’m obsessed.”

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The phrase quickly spread across Twitter and other platforms with social media users wishing each other “platty jubes” and asking what they were doing on “platty jubes.”

Debates soon began over whether to spell “jubes” or “joobs,” while others suggested abandoning the phrase altogether.

Twitter Debates the phrase “Platy Gubbs”

Those who aren’t fans of the phrase “Platy Jobes” don’t hold back when it comes to expressing their displeasure with it.

One person chirp: “Someone just referred to the Platinum Jubilee Weekend as ‘Platy Gubbs’ and frankly – frankly – woke me up on Monday because I’m totally done.”

“If I hear platty jubes again, I’ll burn the whole country to the ground xox” another user He said.

It seems that these users are not alone, and the discussion took place on the Internet with someone else writing: “Just so we’re clear, if anyone says ‘Plati Gubbs’ in my presence, I’m going to beat them up. Enough nonsense, act.”

“I can’t handle Platty Guppies. On par with Amazigh balls and handbags,” the Twitter user is sick and tired of hearing the phrase Spread.

The funniest tweets about platty jubes

As the platinum jubilee approaches, tweets about juby platty have taken over Twitter and the controversy over the phrase’s use continues. These are some of the funniest tweets about platty jubes we’ve seen on the internet…

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