Matt Hardy Explains Jeff Hardy’s Health After Double or Nothing in AEW

Jeff Hardy’s health has been a concern for AEW fans this week. It looks like the famous tag team wrestler ran out during Sunday’s match between The Hardys and The Young Bucks at double or nothingthen withdrawn from a scheduled 10-man team match AEW Dynamite due to an unknown injury. Matt sheds some light on the situation during this week’s episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardywhich falls on Friday.

“Yeah, I was happy with the match, especially considering so early in the game Jeff was about to go out. So he got really hurt. That’s why he was pulled out of the game in L.A., obviously. So he was kind of running up the smoke during the match. He’s still delaying his end of the bargain well into the grand scheme of things,” Matt explained (h/t fight).

Matt went on to explain that Jeff does not remember what happened in the match, which saw the Bucks veterans defeat. Hardy the elder then was on the losing end of a 10-man match as Matt Jackson pinned Jungle Boy to Dynamite.

“He doesn’t remember the match at all after that happened, so thank God. He was supposed to. So considering he had a terrible throat hit sometime earlier in the match he’s still doing really well going forward and did Everything he did. It’s so funny he’s still a great athlete and very good at what he does. If you look at Swanton doing it on the stairs he still does it perfectly and didn’t realize he was supposed to do it until he was told he He’s supposed to do it,” Matt said.

AEW returns to pay-per-view on June 26 with the release of forbidden door Happened at the United Center in Chicago. The first AEW/Japan crossover match has already been confirmed for the AEW World Champion CM Punk against “The Ace” Hiroshi Tanahashi.


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