The new Resident Evil 4 Remake Leon Jacket is a real product you can buy

Capcom’s long-awaited Resident Evil 4 remake was finally revealed this week during PlayStation’s State of Play event, however came a fresh look at the re-created versions of characters like Leon and Ashley. While Ashley’s outfit has seen more notable changes, Leon still looks pretty much the same with his suicide jacket keeping it stylish while killing injured villagers. As it turns out, this jacket is actually a real product that you can buy right now, although it’s not a cheap one.

Those who watched through Resident Evil 4 The full trailer when it was revealed during State of Play could detect a disclaimer that is different from most notices we see in game trailers. “Lyon’s brown sheepskin suicide jacket appears, courtesy of Schott NYC,” the statement read.

Which led to people’s admiration Reddit user redgrave187 To search for that particular jacket on the retailer’s website, they seem to have found it. The current consensus is that the jacket in the trailer was later designed This jacket is here Which comes in several different colors and is priced at $1,495 each.

Will Schott see the influx of people buying the jacket now that it’s Resident Evil 4 New edition announced? The price may not have been set, but while it’s pricey, it wouldn’t be unheard of for Capcom to price one of its Resident Evil releases around that number. Resident Evil Village – The newest Resident Evil game now getting a VR version – Got a “Z Version” which included the long overcoat that Chris Redfield wore in the game. That’s the full version of village Its price was around $1800, so it is similarly expensive Resident Evil 4 This wouldn’t be out of the question especially considering how the Leon Sweater is based on a real product.

Leon might have better luck hanging on this jacket than in the original game, but he’ll do it You might lose all your breath.

The remake of Resident Evil is still a long way off since it won’t be released until March 24th, so pre-orders for it haven’t yet been activated. When these different versions are published, we’ll see if the wrapper is embedded in any way.



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