Stressful and Unpaid Graphic Novel (Exclusive)

Oni Press is delving into the world of monster hunting with its latest graphic novel, and we’ve got an exclusive first look! The new graphic novel titled It took Luke: stressful and underpaidFans will be introduced to exterminator Sal Hernandez. Sal was rather tired of the life of an exterminator and all the long hours, poor living conditions (they live in their van), and solitary days and nights. The plan is to ditch this way of life after one last job, but the plan gets messed up when the last job is anything but chore. You can check out a full preview of It Took Luke starting on the next slide.

It Took Luke: Overworked & Underpaid was written by Mark Bouchard, Bayleigh Underwood, and Micah Meyers, and as you can see in the preview, this spin-off into the distant future isn’t like a typical monster-slaying tale. It Took Luke will go on sale on October 12 this year, and if you want to know more about the series, you can check out the official description below.

Los Angeles, 2028. Tired of long hours, living in their work cart, unlucky exterminator Sal Hernandez is ready to come to terms with her estranged partner. The only thing standing in their way is one last shift. What seems like a chore job is anything but. and, when a group of flesh abducts Sal’s new co-worker, Luke, a mission of extermination quickly turns into a rescue mission.

For Sal, who recently had a concussion from a free job early in the morning, the line between reality and hallucinations is beginning to blur. Sal and their teammates Molly and Houssam are as experienced as they come, but will that be enough to take on the terrifying creature waiting in the shadows and their boss’s incompetence? Wipe the guts out of your eyes and prepare to blend into the flesh in this first-time adult graphic novel that explores the culture of crisis and its victims.”

What do you think of the preview? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk to me about all things comedy on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!


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