Video showing a Disneyland Paris employee sabotaging a show that went viral

Getting involved in the most magical place on Earth seems like a good magical experience, but not for a couple who decided to make things official while visiting Disneyland Paris. A short video clip, now viral, shows a man proposing to marry his partner on a platform in a perfect scene of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, but while he is on one knee holding the ring, a park employee ran, took the ring box and redirected the couple away from the platform, interrupting the moment. romance.

In the video, you can hear the man saying his girlfriend said yes, but the employee saying it would be “better” in this other location – away from the platform and the perfect view of the castle. The crowd could be heard disapproving of the employee’s actions. The video was posted on the Reddit forum “I Am a Total Pies of S**t” It got a lot of attention, and according to the poster, the guy who proposed it in the video asked another employee’s permission before trying to make the proposal. It’s not clear if the employee who rushed in and took the ring was aware of this, although one commenter on the Reddit post noted that the stage the couple was in was a no-go zone.

A Disney spokesperson told Newsweek that they have reached out to the couple to make things right.

“We regret how this was handled,” a Disney spokesperson said. “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to rectify the matter.”

However, it is not clear what are the policies towards the minor proposals at Disneyland Paris Answer on PlanDisney’s website Dated 2021 in reference to California’s Disneyland notes that simple proposals do not require permission or planning – although more detailed efforts can be arranged, and it is suggested that guests work with park photographers as well.

“Although you are not required to contact Disney in order to make a proposal, you may wish to do so if you wish to plan something more detailed,” the response read, in part.

This isn’t the first time employees have interrupted a proposal at a Disney park. earlier this year, Take a guy out of Walt Disney World in Florida Before he could actually suggest it, though in this case it is believed that the man was actually violating one of the park rules with the balloons he had for the occasion because many parks prohibit them.

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