Xbox Insider Leaks Forza Motorsport 8 release window and more

A prominent industry insider has shared a new report on Forza Motorsport 8 Before the E3 style press for Xbox and Bethesda on Sunday. More specifically, the report comes as follows Tom Hendersonwho claims the game is aiming for a release sometime in the spring of 2023, which seems true given that we haven’t seen anything from the game or heard anything about it since its unveiling, all of which makes Holiday 2022 not impossible but unlikely.

Besides, Henderson claims that the game will finally appear at the aforementioned event. Henderson claims it will reappear at “first look,” suggesting that there will be gameplay, which was not in the reveal in 2020, the only time we’ve ever seen the game.

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the report about Forza Motorsport 8. However, there is little additional information. According to Henderson, the leaked already Forza Horizon 5 Side by side Hot Wheels DLC content will also be officially revealed.

“I’m sure we get it Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC Announced And First Look Next Forza Motorsport – It was scheduled for Spring 2023 the last time I heard.

In the last years, Horizon Forza Playground Games has apparently been raped Forza Motorsport From Turn 10 Studios in terms of popularity. And with Gran Turismo 7 now out and doing well, there’s a lot of pressure on Turn 10 Studios to get this right, especially after such a long wait. If the game is as good as Forza Horizon 5last game, 10th round will be in good shape.

“It’s hard to find so many negative things to talk about Forza Horizon 5Excerpted from our official review of Forza Horizon 5. The gameplay is fun and varied, the music is solid, there are plenty of cars to unlock, and it’s really nice to look at. The whole package is really breathtaking. Playground Games have found many ways to bring Mexico to life, taking great advantage of the region’s diversity, while pushing the Xbox Series X to Its extremes.If you own a console, you owe it to yourself to check out Forza Horizon 5Whether that means buying a copy of the game or playing it through Xbox Game Pass. It might just be one of the next generation era’s best masterpieces yet.”


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