Elden Ring Player beats the boss without attacking

elden ring Players – and therefore, those who play FromSoftware’s Dark Souls games – are no strangers to creative rounds where they limit themselves to some self-imposed gear or rules. Boss fights without hits or full runs are a common challenge for players to follow as they finish the fight or game without getting hit at all, but one player has managed to do something even more impressive: they beat the boss not only by playing no damage but also by not Attack even once.

The chief in question is Mimic Tear located at the Nokron, Eternal City location. This boss is later reused like the other enemies in elden ring, But the Naukron website is where people will most likely find it first.


elden ring Player and Redditor Going_Loki have shared the clip below within the game’s subreddit to show how they managed to beat the Mimic Tear boss without ever hitting the enemy and without taking damage. They started showing their gear consisting only of a dagger equipped with a Bloody Slash weapon art and no armor, spells or other weapons to speak of.

If you have used this ashes of war in elden ringYou may have already collected how to beat Mimic Tear in this way without ever bumping into it. The boss copies the player’s build and thus only has that weapon and skill at his disposal. The move temporarily imparts a weapon’s bloody damage type at the expense of the player’s health. In the case of Mimic Tear, this means that the optional manager ends up hurting himself every time he spammers the only ability available to him. In the end, the president ends up defeating himself.

This technology is as innovative as we expected elden ring And Souls gamers, and like most Bonus Challenges, it takes a bit more patience. Mimic Tears The bosses aren’t particularly hard to defeat because they’re human and therefore susceptible to extra damage and shock effects, but doing the fight this way took about five minutes to complete.

imitation tears in elden ring A double as Spirit Ash players can use as they create a copy of themselves to help them in battles. It’s been stronger than it was before it was scaled down, but it’s still a solid choice if your design is worth replication. Ironically, using Mimic Tear itself was a common strategy of no hit, no boss attack because Spirit Ash can single-handedly attack a lot of powerful enemies.


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