Shakira has reportedly hired detectives to uncover Pique’s infidelity

Shakira and Gerard Pique split It continues to stir controversy, with new rumors emerging about the reasons that led the couple to go their separate ways, as it was recently revealed that the Colombian singer had hired a detective agency and found out that he was cheating on her.

It has been reported Shakira allegedly turned to an agency to hire detectiveswho would have followed Pique’s every step and thus discovered his betrayal, according to the TV show “El gordo y la flaca”.

What evidence does Shakira have on Pique cheating?

It has also been reported that Shakira had pictures of Pique next to the woman which he allegedly deceived and will not come out to the light because she paid for them and to enjoy privacy.

Shakira and Pique confirmed a few days ago that they separated after 12 years of relationship and had two children, but they did not reveal the reasons and demanded that their lives be respected.

And it was reported in several media outlets that the reason for the separation apparently was that the Barcelona football player was not loyal to Shakira with a young woman of about 20 years old, whose profession would be a waitress in a bar.

Rumors about Pique cheating

Among the first to talk about this were the Spanish journalists Lorena Vazquez and Laura Fa in their video, Mamarazis, noting that the singer had arrested the Barcelona player “with another woman” and “made the decision to separate.”

at one point, Jaffe’s mother, the player’s fellow first-team player for Barcelona, ​​was said to have been the cause of the split between Shakira and Pique. However, the media soon denied this rumor.

And the Spanish media put another woman on the scene as a possible cause of the feud between the Colombian and Pique, it would be Riqui Puig’s girlfriend.

“she is a friend Rikui Puig’s girlfriend [Gemma Iglesias]which we assume was the one who introduced them,” says El Prideco.


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