Street Fighter 6 brings parody back with a new feature

Street Fighter 6 It brings back the taunt again to allow players to set the tone before or during a fight, but this time, the taunts give players a way to throw a different type of punch at their opponent. Capcom this week revealed in a short teaser about the game’s updated sarcasm feature that players will now be able to use character taunts directed at different fighters. The publisher also asked if Ryu was Chad, a question that arguably received more attention than the feature Capcom was trying to flaunt.

In case you didn’t catch it from your Street Fighter account, the clip below shows what a mockery of the game looks like. When Luke is against Ryu, he can apparently use his sarcasm to mimic the special move of the Street Fighter poster boy by saying “Hadouken” while copying Ryu’s moves.

People were instantly happy to see the new feature given that Street Fighter games have been parodied in the past but it wasn’t all about the characters. It’s a feature that we see in the openings of some fighting games like the Mortal Kombat series when two characters get into the ring and joke around a bit, but in this case, players will be able to do these taunts whenever they want in the match.

Capcom pondered whether Ryu had “more ways” to respond to Luke’s strike indicating that Ryu has his own taunt for Luke to use just as anyone else might as well. Whoever casts jeers at Guile, we can most likely have something to do with his hair.

This isn’t the only interesting feature that Capcom has added that doesn’t have to explicitly deal with combat Street Fighter 6. Another revealed not long ago showed that players will be able to manipulate the faces of Street Fighter characters before a match begins, a feature that should pair well with taunts for players who frequent online gaming matches.

Street Fighter 6 It won’t be released until next year, but we’ll get more and more reveal of characters and other information about the game now and then, so keep an eye out for more announcements like this one.


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