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FromSoftware’s Elden Ring offers a vast open world with a massive number of areas to explore, secrets to uncover, and enemies to fight. At some point early on, you probably wished you had an official strategy guide to help you figure things out. Turns out you’ll actually need two guides to cover the entire Elden Ring as it currently exists.

Future Press has unveiled The Elden Ring Books of Knowledge Volumes 1 and 2, which reveal all the game’s secrets over the course of 1024 cover pages. A breakdown of each book can be found below along with pre-order details.

Volume One: The Lands Between Covers all game items, maps, and NPCs in Elden Ring. Pre-orders are here on Amazon Now for $49.99 (launched July 29). From Official Future Press description:

“Volume One: The Lands Between is a complete record of the underworld, dungeons, and underworld in Elden Ring – no matter where you go, every inch is carefully mapped, and its secrets revealed. We offer high-level views to progress to get to the game’s endings, along with With simplified paths that highlight places and details you’re likely to miss while exploring. NPC missions are clearly planned and each one is accompanied by key dialogue. Finally, a dedicated knowledge section helps piece together the game’s mysterious story.”

Buy The Elden Ring Official Strategy Guide, Vol. 1: The lands between the Amazon

Volume Two: Fracture Fragments Covers Elden Ring fighting game elements, weapons, and animal with combat strategies for each enemy and boss. Pre-orders are here on Amazon for $49.99 (launched September 30th). From the official Future Press description:

“No matter what style of creature you come across, it will be cataloged, dissected, and analyzed in Volume Two: Shattering Fragments. Meticulously tested combat strategies help to defeat even the toughest enemies, from the lowest wretched to the Sherdburne bearers themselves. Next, an arsenal of spells and equipment was crafted that You can use it to counter these enemies and fully explain all the stats and effects. All of this data is used to recommend truly optimal builds along with ways to advance to get the perfect equipment.”

Buy the Official Elden Ring Strategy Guide, Vol. 2: Fragments of the avalanche in the Amazon

Given the sheer size of the Elden Ring, it’s possible that even the most experienced gamer will find something new to uncover with these guides. However, likely the main draw of these books is that Future Press’s previous guides to FromSoftware games like the Dark Souls trilogy have become pricey college items in recent years. It is likely that these Elden Ring guides will follow suit.



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