HBO’s The Last of Us Series Wraps Photography

Production on the HBO series adaptation of the last of us It has concluded, as Executive Producer Craig Mazen confirmed on social media. Primetime’s Emmy-winning Chernobyl creator revealed the news in the early hours of the morning on Twitter, writing simply: “THIS IS BRIEF!!!!!!!” Mazen’s announcement sparked a lot of responses from the main creators of the series. Actress Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie on the series, tweeted a gif from the original game, one showing her character saying “BFT, I’m not tired!” (which she said right before bedtime), and game creator Neil Druckman responded, “Is that like an alpha hit? Congratulations!!! What a ride!”

This week saw further news arrive about The Last of Us TV series as Druckmann took to stage at the Summer Games Festival to not only talk about the game side of the franchise but also the TV show. Druckmann has confirmed that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, the voice and motion capture actors for Joel and Ellie in the Games, will appear in the TV series in substantive roles, which is something more than just a cameo.

“When Craig and I started working on the show almost at one of our first meetings, we said Troy and Ashley should be a part of it and we admire the talent and help create Joel and Ellie. We felt it was very important for them to become a part of the show and it shouldn’t have been more Just a wink at the camera and like a cameo. These are the real roles we are currently keeping.”

Druckmann has also revealed a new image from the series, showing a sequence of a scene descending from the episode he directed, showing Joel and Ellie hiding inside a museum in Boston.

“I think that really speaks to the kind of collaboration and trust that exists between Naughty Dog and HBO,” Druckman said of directing an episode of the series. “They invited me to direct one of the episodes… I have to really talk about Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay and not just direct them but see them do all the other episodes. They have thrown themselves into these roles for an entire year when watching the nuances they bring to these characters, and their on-camera relationship And outside of it, I couldn’t help but think of Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson. It felt very similar to the chemistry these two actors had when we made the game. It really does feel like this is going to be something special and I’d say this will be the most authentic video game adaptation to date.”

Official release date for the last of us The series has yet to be confirmed, but the 2023 premiere appears likely because the series just wrapped less than a day ago.



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